Corrosion Testing

and Corrosion Studies
Corrosion Testing
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Corrosion Studies and Corrosion Testing

in a wide range is undertaken by TCR Advance as per ASTM, DIN, or as per the individual client's requirements. Experienced staff members are available to provide corrosion consulting, advise on

corrosion prevention

and corrosion control services including materials selection in laboratory or on-site inspection. TCR's staff has industry specific expertise to deal with a variety of corrosion problems that are encountered in industries such as oil and gas production, oil and gas transmission, energy conversion systems, and nuclear power systems. A wide variety of corrosion related tests are undertaken at TCR Advanced such as: to determine the susceptibility to intergranular corrosion, pitting corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, etc. The range of instruments available to perform these tests is unrivalled in our operating regions. Highly experienced and qualified engineers undertake corrosion studies. We also carry out the testing under witness of third party inspection agencies like LRS, TUV, DNV, ABS, BV and similar other inspection agencies.

TCR Advanced has added fully automated state of the art

Salt spray testing

facility in the year 2011. This test is very useful in analyzing the corrosion resistance properties of plating, coating, painted surfaces and materials that are to be used in corrosive environments. Corrosion Prevention