Fertilizer Industry

Feeding country

Fluctuating cost of basic raw material (Gas) and subsidies (for Indian industry) are the biggest challenges for a fertilizer industry to operate profitably. The unwanted failures and the long & frequent shutdowns come in the way of the progress of this industry. Over and above this, industry handles the hazardous chemicals which if leaked can cause an irreparable damage to mankind and environment. Asset Integrity Management and Risk-based Inspection of fertilizer industries are of paramount importance in view of the safety concerns associated with it.

TCR Expertise

TCR Advanced has a team of experts having experience in the field of design, operation, corrosion and Asset Integrity Management and Risk-based Inspection of fertilizer plants. Failure investigation cell of TCR Advanced has solved numerous cases involving metallurgy from LTCS, Incoloy 800, HP modified, super-austenitic stainless steel to exotic Ni-base alloys used for high temperature applications. RBI can be very much helpful in targeting the damage mechanisms with respect to operating conditions, minimizing the need for inspection and reducing the turnaround time.


  • Reformer Tubes, Headers, Pigtails and other High Nickel Alloy components: Metallurgical Study and Residual Life Assessment including design as per API 530
  • Waste Heat Recovery Boilers and Finned Exchangers
  • Ammonia Converters and other High Pressure Equipment
  • Urea Reactors
  • Absorbers and Regenerators
  • Shift Reactors