Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non Destructive Testing - NDT Testing

NDT Inspection

is an essintial requirement for all the industrial verticals ranging from manufacturing, automobiles, oil and gas, refining, power industry, etc. TCR Advanced is NABL accredited laboratory in the field of NDT. Apart from basic NDT Testing services like PT, MT, crack depth measurement, pulse echo A-Scan UT services, ferrite measurement services, re-bounce type hardness measurement etc. We also provide advanced NDT Testing services like TOFD/PAUT, Videoscopy, Eddy current testing, Helium leak testing, Acoustic eye for tube inspection, UCI hardness testing and in-situ metallography.NDT Testing

Our scientific approach has helped industry to achieve the desired results from NDT. NDT experts at TCR include metallurgists and mechanical engineers led by qualified NDT level III experts. Constant updating of knowledge to our team members has provided an edge in global service. TCR has taken challenges in identifying specific damages like High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) and depth of carburization. We have developed automated crawlers for reformer tube inspection. Our research team has gained rich experience from the failed components and has provided inputs to develop NDT as a diagnostic tool with confidence.

TCR Advanced has a team of ASNT level III (UT, MT, PT, ET, LT, VT) and NDT level II to cater to the advanced

Non Destructive Testing

needs of industry.