Acoustic Pulse ReflectometryAcoustic Pulse Reflectometry

Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry

is a breakthrough, non-invasive solution for today's hard-to-inspect tubes up to 4" inner diameter. It enables ultra-fast, accurate inspection of boilers, fin fans and other heat exchangers, regardless of tube shape or material.
APR technology is an advanced, yet easy-to-use tool that overcomes the limitations of many conventional inspection techniques. With its simple operation, there is far less dependency on operator expertise, providing reliable inspection of even the most challenging tube sizes and configurations.
Probe injects acoustic pulse down the tube. Reflected echoes are recorded and analysed. A set of patented algorithms identifies and reports exact location, type and size of inner diameter side defects.
Apr Tube
Courtesy: AcousticEye BV

APR Tube

offers many advantages over other defect detection tools. Most inspection equipments require the tube system to be physically scanned by some form of probe (magnetic, electrical, ultrasound), which can prove difficult or impossible in many applications where the tubes are inaccessible, like underground, buried in an aircraft wing, in a heat exchanger, etc. Neither any hazardous radiation is emitted as in X-ray systems, nor there is problem of waste disposal to deal with, as in using fluorescent dyes.