Thermography is a method of inspecting electrical and mechanical equipment by obtaining heat dissipating pictures. This inspection method is based on the fact that most components in a system show an increase in temperature when malfunctioning. The increase in temperature in an electrical circuit could be due to lose connections or a worn bearing in the case of mechanical equipment. By observing the heat patterns in operational system components, faults can be located and their seriousness evaluated.
The inspection tool used by Thermographer is the Thermal Imager. These are sophisticated devices which measure the natural emissions of infrared radiation from a heated object and produce a thermal picture. Modern Thermal Imagers are portable with easily operated controls. As physical contact with the system is not required, inspection can be made under fully operational conditions resulting in no loss of production or downtime.
Potential applications include:
  • Inspection of panels / electrical equipment
  • Inspection of mechanical / rotating equipment