RVI is the inspection of objects or areas usually inaccessible to the eye without dismantling surrounding structures or machinery. It allows inspectors to discover hidden discontinuities before they may cause major problems, e.g. poor welding, surface defects, corrosion pits, general condition, degradation, blockages and foreign materials.
This is not a quantitative method and is used as a backup method for other tube testing methods.
TCR advanced has a German make videoscope with following specifications:
Image Sensor High-Resolution color SUPER HAD CCD image
Display Size 5.0" (12.7cm) TFT VGA color LCD
Zoom 3.5X (Digital)
Direction of view 0° & 90° Field of View: 600, Depth of Field: from 5mm
Probe diameter / length 8 mm / 7.5 meters
Articulation 4-way & 360° All-Way Tip articulation control
Illumination type High-Power LED with high transmission fiber optics
TCR Advanced Engineering provides Videoscopy / Boroscopic inspection services. We have a state of the art Iris 5 DVR videoscope which has total probe length of 7.5 meters and 8 mm probe dia, which is suitable for carrying videoscopy in a component with opening as small as 10 mm. The IRIS DVR is equipped with four-way articulation to give 360 degree field view. It has a high resolution CCD camera for HD Video recording and interchangeable objective lenses for changing the degree of viewing and field of view. The videoscopy is useful in many fields such as aerospace, wind turbines, gas turbines, oil and gas Industries, chemical industries, power generation plants, quality control and internal weld inspection