Heat Exchanger Inspection

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Heat Exchanger Inspection
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Heat exchanger

  are generally used to transfer heat from combustion gases, steam, or water to gases, vapors, or liquids of various types and are made up of tube, plate or sheet construction. Tubular heat exchangers are generally used for large fluid systems, whereas heat exchangers of plate or sheet type are often preferred for smaller fluid streams. Heat exchangers are usually separate units, but can sometimes be incorporated as components in a process plant.
Failures in

heat exchanger

are commonly associated with methods of manufacturing pipe and tubing, handling methods during fabrication, testing methods in the shop and in the field, and the environment to which the unit is exposed after fabrication -including conditions during shipment, storage, start-up, normal operation, and shutdown.
TCR has to its credit having carried out the investigation of heat exchanger failures for chemical, fertilizer, process, food and pharmaceutical industries, successfully.